How To Oil Paint: comprehensive info package

Upon purchasing this selection you will be sent a private link to a breakdown of all things oil painting. Aimed to help a range of artists from beginners, to more experienced artists just looking to take their art up a notch. 
This online information package will give you access to my personal info on:
-SUPPLIES (understanding the différent types, how they are used and what I use) 
-THE 3 RULES TO OIL PAINTING (a breakdown of what the rules are, how to abide by them, and how to break them)
-COLOUR (understanding colour, how to see it, how to mix it, how to apply it. Understanding skin tones.) 
-OIL DRY BRUSH (explaining what it is, the pros and cons to this technique and how to use it)
-TECHNIQUES (a guideline of various techniques and how and when to use them)
-GLAZING (understanding what glazing is and how to do it)
-UNDERPAINTING (a list of the different ways to approach an underpainting and the pros and cons to each) 
-LEVEL UP (a collection of random tidbits to ramp up your art game and HOW TO OVERCOME ARTIST BLOCK)
-and there is even a HOMEWORK tab (a list of exercises to do to practice what’s been discussed to grow your skills- best for beginners new to oil painting). 

I’m constantly updating the threads and adding in new content. If you purchase this information package, and find you have questions not answered in any of the tabs, feel free to send me a message with what you’d like included.