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Below you will find buttons for various categories on oil painting- everything from how to start- to info for the more experienced painter on how to just kick your existing skills up a notch. Depending on your existing skill set, you you may or may not find some of these helpful . Feel free to click them and go over all the info within each category, and make notes about any questions you may have- my goal is to make this information package as comprehensive as possible- so feel free to message me with any questions not answered anywhere here so I can try to add it on. 

If you're on instagram send me a direct message with your order number so I can add you to a closed group where you can watch real time footage of me working and talking through my process, sharing tips and tricks.

I periodically update this page and the buttons content with new info or videos, however I will always keep the link the same and you will always have access to it, so feel free to pop back in every now and then to access any new info. 

I'll share the last update here with a note of specific tabs that were updated so you can easily check back for new info:

LAST UPDATED: Oct 18th 2020   


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